Summary of Innovation

Third Wave Automation (TWA) provides the most versatile and effective autonomous forklift solutions for the materials handling industry. The first of their products, the TWA Reach, is a multimode forklift truck that has flexibility of operation in autonomous, remote, remote assist or manually- you choose how to deploy your fleet. Third Wave leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to create its Collaborative Autonomy Platform which combines its hybrid autonomous vehicles, intelligent fleet management, remote operation and assistance capabilities to provide holistic materials handling solutions that improve over time.

TWA’s platform requires no infrastructure upgrades, integrates into existing workflows and delivers immediate value to customers on deployment. Our Fleet Management System provides the visibility and tools needed to effectively manage the fleet and respond to assists in a timely and effective manner. With a focus on user experience, our operator-first approach ensures that edge cases are resolved quickly - maintaining a high level of performance for your operation.

Innovation Statement

Bringing people and automation together via shared autonomy. Third Wave combines multimode vehicles and intelligent fleet management, providing materials handling solutions that improve over time.


Third Wave Automation (TWA) combines automation’s efficiency with the flexibility of a multi-mode forklift that can be deployed in autonomous, remote assist, remote operation and traditional manual operation. Human-in-the-loop approach to edge case management delivers an effective and performant system for pallet workflows.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactAmel Ali
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Third Wave Automation.

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