Summary of Innovation

GenDrive 1600-80CEH is Plug’s next generation high voltage 80VDC Fuel Cell for lift trucks designed to increase warehouse productivity. With its continuous 19.1Kw high power output and fast refueling time in less than 3 minutes, it maximizes fleet uptime and increases operations profits.

GenDrive is the best investment in sustainability, when combined with Plug’s Green Hydrogen it reduces C02 emissions up to 85% compared to any Lithium or Lead-Acid battery.

Innovation Statement

Plug’s next generation fuel cell metal stack increases warehouse productivity thanks to its higher power density, high voltage output, and longer lifetime.

Powered by Green Hydrogen, carbon-free from its origin via Plug’s electrolyzers, it is a safe and zero emissions power source for high utilization fleets.


1600-80 CEH is a new addition to Plug’s large portfolio of hydrogen systems to increase the productivity of your high-volume manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution operations.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactCarlos Beltran
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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