Summary of Innovation

Many organizations have material handling operation data at their fingertips. Data may come from their industrial vehicles, lithium-ion batteries or various telemetry systems and fleet managers hope that it will profit them in a way. Unfortunately raw data won’t help unless it is analyzed and personalized to your business reality.

The UgoWork Fleet Management Portal is the solution to fast track materialization of your lithium-ion battery return on investment, and more. Elimination of downtime, fleet size optimization, carbon footprint reduction, throughput maximization and peak shaving are all made possible by a comprehensive dashboard and personalized insights. We believe that knowledge is power and it is precisely what the UgoWork Fleet Management Portal offers.

Innovation Statement

The reality is that despite access to data, industrial vehicle fleet operators are in the dark when it comes to understanding their operations and they struggle with decision making. Through AI and a personalized approach, the UgoWork Fleet Management Portal translates kWh, amp hours, pedal time and unit temperature data into actionable insights that make a real difference on both top and bottom lines.


The UgoWork Fleet Management portal tracks trends and provides the ability to dig deep into energy usage KPIs across your whole fleet and enable better decision-making based on energy data. It is the go to solution for large fleet operators from all sectors looking for a fast time to benefit and for those wanting to unlock improvement opportunities in their material handling operations.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactJean-François Marchand
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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