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In today’s fast-paced economy, businesses are under tremendous pressure to deliver products to consumers as quickly as possible. Coupled with continued global supply chain challenges and a strained labor market, many have turned to robotics automation to streamline warehouse operations. However, the process of learning and deciding which automation solutions can best achieve their goals can be costly and time consuming.

SVT Robotics, the developer of the SOFTBOT® Platform—a technology-agnostic rapid integration software—has launched AppDirectory, a one-stop, one-of-a-kind website that’s nothing short of a game changer in the automation industry. AppDirectory removes the guesswork for customers seeking automation solutions by housing automation technology providers/solutions and relevant use cases to help companies confidently select suppliers that will meet their business objectives - a process which simultaneously drives high value for SVT technology partners via qualified opportunities. Decision-makers, especially IT professionals, no longer need lengthy research to determine the qualifications and capabilities of automation providers, and the costs and schedules associated with custom integration services companies can now be streamlined.

Innovation Statement

AppDirectory eliminates barriers to automation by providing a platform where automation seekers can educate themselves on all available technologies and their respective capabilities. Visitors to the site can also review common use cases to understand how each technology can be deployed in tandem to drive the ultimate solution for efficiency, throughput, safety, and other business goals. In turn, by qualifying best-customer opportunities, AppDirectory strengthens the go-to-market efforts of technology vendors by helping them easily find stronger project matchups to accelerate their sales cycles.


AppDirectory empowers both end-user and technology vendor attendees to quickly and easily identify all the automation technologies that can seamlessly integrate with one another (enterprise software, point solutions, and everything in between) and highlights the high-value use cases and solutions that are critical for short- and long-term supply chain success.


Posted Date1/12/23
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Submitted by SVT Robotics.

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