Summary of Innovation

RightHand Robotics introduces the Suction Cup Swapper (SCS) for its industry-leading RightPick™ 3 system. The SCS (or “swapper”) gives the system the ability to switch the suction cup type on the fly in order to optimize the picking process for a wider range of common products. It leverages the combination of compliant fingers and RightPick™ 3 AI software intelligence with each available suction cup for stable, secure, and damage-free grasping throughout the full range of motion.

With the SCS, RightPick 3 reliably picks a higher percentage of inventory items typically stored in ASRS and other goods-to-robot (GTR) systems. For warehouse operators this means roughly 1.5x as many orders become 100% robot pickable, simplifying material flow and improving operational flexibility toward the vision of “lights out” order fulfillment. This new add-on module for the field-proven RightPick 3 product platform meets the needs of a growing list of end users and integrator partners.

Innovation Statement

The new SCS module for RightPick™ 3 makes it easy to use a variety of suction cups to pick an even wider range of products at rates and reliability levels suitable for production use. It supports the staging of multiple suction cups to optimize for handling of small, mid-sized, big, and bagged items. The swapper system is easy to use by design with automated calibration features and data tracking to monitor picking performance by SKU and cup type.


The SCS is an optional module being rolled out in coordination with the launch of standardized RightPick™ 3 models. It is relevant to any ProMat 2023 attendee who is interested in adopting our piece-picking technology, and is compatible with other modules, including the existing barcode scanning capability, which is critical in most healthcare and pharma-picking workflows and is useful in many e-commerce operations.


Posted Date1/12/23
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