Summary of Innovation

The FLIP range of kickrails offers full ground level protection and is available in different strengths and versions depending on the needs. The innovative and robust I-shaped rail absorbs impacts of 3.000 Joules (Flip 120) up to 16.000 Joules (Flip 200 Force). FLIP is quick and easy to install and can be combined with other Boplan traffic barrier systems for maximum safety.
The FLIP PLUS is equipped with the FLIP 200 rail and is the most effective solution when it comes to protecting pedestrians from ground level impacts of up to 15.200 Joules. People are safely segregated from dangerous areas thanks to the ergonomic handrails. FLIP PLUS comes with the ingenious BOPLAN CID® system as an option, allowing a quick visual inspection after a heavy impact. The little red CID® flag only shows up after such critical impacts, providing an instant visual warning of possible risk areas where the safety could be compromised.

Innovation Statement

FLIP PLUS is made with Novilene® is the highest grade of polymer material available. It is the perfect combination with BOPLAN’s unique slide-over tube system this results in collision protection solutions that have the highest impact resistance rates on the market to protect pedestrians.


FLIP offers protection against ground level impacts, of sensitive walls (refrigerator walls / decorative walls / sandwich panels), of machines and infrastructure.
It is a cost-efficient rack end, and wheel guide for pallet trucks or trolleys in busy traffic lanes.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactFrank Oorreel
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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