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RoboFlat, an advanced cloud solution coming soon from KCI Technologies, is poised to drive transformation in the modern construction market! KCI’s RoboFlat is a device-agnostic solution for quickly and accurately determining the flatness of concrete floors in robotic warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. Designed to optimize floor quality assurance for critical-tolerance floors, RoboFlat is easy-to-use, allowing engineers, concrete remediation teams, and general contractors to calculate floor flatness based on specific standards, and identify non-level areas that need to be addressed. With the use of RoboFlat, building owners can be assured that their robotic warehouses are built to specification.

Concrete floors for buildings that use robots and/or very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks must be built to a much higher, more demanding flatness tolerance than a normal floor slab. And---as robotic systems are increasingly being used to optimize warehouse efficiencies and facilitate fast order fulfilment---a highly accurate, speedy method for calculating/assessing whether a concrete floor conforms to strict flatness standards is critical to the overall success of the building project. If a floor doesn’t meet its flatness specifications, robots won’t be able to run efficiently, maintenance costs will rise, and worker safety will be affected.

Today’s leading construction professionals rely on laser scanning for measuring floor flatness, capturing millions of points across large areas of concrete. Our RoboFlat solution leverages that point cloud data with a spherical point-based approach to calculating flatness, automating what is traditionally a multi-step, manual-based process. With RoboFlat, contractors can quickly verify that their projects are being built correctly, relying on:

- Convenient anytime, anywhere access. Scanned floor data can be uploaded and measured at any time, from any browser, at your convenience. And we provide deadline delivery options for expedited processing to help with tight deadlines.

- Customizable and Flexible. RoboFlat is customizable to suit the specific needs of your building. We support a variety of standards to handle free movement floors for robotic systems.

- Device agnostic. No vendor limitations with RoboFlat! This solution is compatible with all scanner manufacturers, allowing you to use the scanner that you prefer to get the job done.

- Large Scale. Unlike competitive offerings that support testing of sparse linear-based samples, KCI’s RoboFlat can process the point cloud of the entire floor. This vast data processing capability increases the level of accuracy while delivering the high performance and scalability that contractors need to ensure their floor meets exacting specifications.

Innovation Statement

KCI’s soon-to-be-released RoboFlat will lead the industry with its cloud-based solution for quickly and accurately testing concrete floor flatness for warehouses and distribution centers that use robotic systems.


As the demand for robotic warehouses increases, RoboFlat will allow engineers, building owners, and concrete remediation teams to optimize their processes and deliver faster, more accurate results.


Posted Date1/12/23
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