Summary of Innovation

Workforce Intelligence, part of the Honeywell Forge Performance+ suite, is a powerful set of cloud-based tools that have been designed to help supply chain operations increase worker productivity and streamline decision-making. The system consolidates data from a variety of sources, including planned and unplanned activities, equipment and devices, and workers in different zones or workflows, creating a comprehensive system of record for task-level performance. This allows supply chain managers to have a complete view of workforce operations and identify areas for improvement.

Our real-time insights and recommendations are delivered directly to site operators, empowering them to respond to real-time operational needs and worker downtime quickly and efficiently. With the ability to generate incident reports, assign tasks, send communications and notifications, and orchestrate solutions, Workforce Intelligence helps warehouse operations run smoothly and efficiently. With this system, supply chain operators can make better-informed decisions that lead to increased productivity, improved operational performance, and reduced downtime. This can result in cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved performance overall.

Innovation Statement

Workforce Intelligence uses IoT and other technology to collect data from operational systems, workers, and devices in real-time, provides tools to identify bottlenecks and mitigate risk, and is customizable and adaptable to fit different use cases within the supply chain operation.


Workforce Intelligence is used by supply chain operators to build the foundation for connected work, digitize task management and reporting, and connect the right worker, to the right job, at the right time in order to increase efficiency, enrich decision-making, and continuously improve workforce procedures.


Posted Date1/12/23
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