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The best measure of success for a fulfillment operation is, simply put, getting goods quickly, accurately, and efficiently picked, packed, and shipped in time to meet customer delivery expectations. To simplify this goal, Numina Group is proud to introduce Pakt™, a fully productized pack-and-ship automation solution that is purpose-built for fulfillment operations. It is a modular, scalable, family of pack-and-ship automation that streamlines the final 100’ of a DC’s order fulfillment operation.

Why does productization matter for pack-and-ship solutions? It allows for rapid deployment, automatic updates, economies of scale, automation as a service, standardization, and contemporary integration. Traditionally, operations seeking to automate pack-and-ship functions have had to approach integrators to develop customized solutions that are static and specific to their operations. Due to the nature of these customizations, these solutions are overly expensive, have long lead times to implement, are inflexible when it comes to adding capacity or capabilities, and become hard to support. Simply stated, pack-and-ship automation has never been productized.

Pakt™ was developed by drawing on Numina Group’s 35+ years of warehouse automation expertise in supplying systems that enable businesses to lower labor costs and increase order throughput. The Pakt™ system creates modular, scalable, pack line software and automation components that can be bolted together to provide customers with a proven and rapidly deployable solution. Based on the right blend of technologies, Pakt™ eliminates manual error-prone tasks that limit a business’s ability to meet peak daily and seasonal demand to fulfill orders faster, and all but eliminates the risk of missing delivery windows.

Innovation Statement

Pakt™ includes predeveloped automation modules that eliminate bottlenecks and wasted labor in the pack-and-ship operation. Pakt is designed with scale in mind – it is modularly built with:
• in-line conveyor
• weight and vision quality checking
• automated insertion of pack slip documentation
• carton scanning, weighing, & dimensioning
• auto-manifesting
• auto print and apply labeling
• automated sorting
Pakt™ can accommodate operations of all sizes, providing a 350% to 700% reduction in labor usage and over, achieving up to 1,800 cartons per hour throughput capacity.


Pakt™ eliminates over 70% of manual pack and ship labor. There is still a tremendous amount of non-value-added labor being incurred in both packing and shipping that should be automated out of the operation. The Pakt™ system is designed for warehouses that depend on people performing manual packing and manifesting tasks. It is ideal for a DC that is constrained by tote-based picking, manual packing, and manual manifesting i.e., keystrokes, hand weighing, & hand applying shipping labels and packing slip documentation.
With Pakt™ we make a pact to deliver a solution that will meet our client’s business objectives. Pakt’s™ performance is calculated and engineered using mechanical rates. This provides a level of certainty around the system's productivity improvements and associated investment profile.


Posted Date1/12/23
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