Summary of Innovation

GENI-Ride™ provides high-speed automated sortation of the increasingly prevalent small/micro style parcels in the smallest and densest footprint available by sorting to both sides of the machine into containers that can be placed as close as 28” apart. Without the performance and item handling capabilities of the GENI-Ride, parcel and fulfillment operators would be forced to continue to sort these items a) in a manual and unautomated operation, i.e. labor intensive and low capacity; or b) seek a larger operating space sufficient to hold a larger circular sorter or multiple monolateral linear sorters.

Innovation Statement

Parcel sorters have historically been designed for standard six sided boxes/cartons, aka “cuboids,” with flat, non-slip surfaces. The advent and growth of e-commerce dramatically increased the breadth of item size and shape distribution, including much smaller, lighter, and more slippery and dimensionally unstable items. Sorting technology and equipment design has yet to fully catch up for these items...until now.


We know of NO linear sorter in the global marketplace that sorts small parcels at 15,000 pph, bilaterally, at a chute/destination pitch spacing of 28 inches.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactAllison Myers
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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