Summary of Innovation

Caja Robotics software is the brains behind the company’s state-of-the-art warehouse automation system. The advanced software orchestrates Caja’s specialized robots and user-friendly workstations. Caja’s AI-powered software makes the difficult decisions by learning its clients’ warehouse operations from end-to-end, including inbound, order fulfillment, and inventory, to decide where the robots should go and which tasks take priority over others. Paired with deep learning, the AI analyzes all the surrounding parameters and makes decisions simultaneously. By accurately calculating the robot’s next moves up to the minute, Caja’s software determines the best travel route, optimizes traffic, orders, tasks, and brings the warehouse to its maximum efficiency. Caja’s software is the most important factor to achieving all of the customers’ KPIs - it’s not the number or variety of robots, but the brains behind it all.

Caja’s software enables its robotics systems to adapt to existing warehouse infrastructure via seamless integration with the customer’s existing warehouse management system. This scalability allows customers to change their warehouse layout quickly and easily, add or remove infrastructure, sections, or additional warehouses as needed. Order throughput is constantly maximized by the software’s dynamic control features, switching between algorithms to enhance performance in real-time. Advanced trend algorithms also optimize inventory and order management. Caja’s software responds to sudden and unexpected challenges as it easily switches to manual picking and back to robotic picking in a matter of minutes. Fleet management is handled through a unique 4D algorithm, fast robot and optimal path deployment computed in real-time. Caja’s software also accurately predicts operations, even before a single robot is placed in the warehouse. With multi-layered optimization, Caja’s software provides customers with a complete solution that is scalable, adaptive, and responsive for better ROI.

Innovation Statement

The Caja Robotics warehouse automation software is a one-of-a-kind innovation that enables users to consistently and accurately adapt to the ever-changing needs of both business and warehouse environments. Caja’s intelligent AI-powered software controls nearly every aspect of warehouse operations and processes in real-time, delivering optimal efficiency, and even greater ROIs.


Caja Robotics software is significant to ProMat attendees because they can invest in minimal robots and maximum software that controls every aspect of warehouse optimization.


Posted Date1/12/23
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Caja Robotics.

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