Summary of Innovation

With over 1.6K global distribution centers and continued recognition in the Gartner Hype Cycle™ for Supply Chain Execution Technologies, FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ slotting optimization software features innovative digital twin technology. Pairing digital twin modeling with advanced mathematical algorithms, FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ enables users' insight into future results before investing in the labor to implement.

Users create a digital twin of the warehousing environment with multiple vantage points: overhead views, logical (front-facing) views and a 3D environment to virtually walk through the facility. Models include locations’ names and sizes, their positions on the XY axis, depictions of the SKU with inventory levels in each slot and the flow of travel throughout the facility. Digital twin heatmapping and order pick analysis simulate functions to quickly analyze and identify current state pain points. Users then set goals and objectives, facility layouts, travel networks and more to create alternative ‘what-if’ optimization scenarios. Order analysis delivers reports with essential KPIs and visually traces the travel path pickers will take to fulfill orders. This analysis allows users to compare the scenarios via visual simulation and easy-to-consume reports supporting confidence in selecting a solution. The result is a work plan with an optimal moves list rooted in minimizing handling requirements and labor costs to progress to the most optimized future state.

Innovation Statement

FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ slotting optimization featuring digital twin technology pairs the visual replication of the warehousing environment with combinatorial, deterministic algorithms that provide the most optimized slotting solution. In addition to validating solutions with the digital twin, detailed reporting offers quantifiable data featuring performance KPIs, timing for ROI and the bottom-line dollar values needed supporting solution selection and optimal work plan implementation.


With FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ slotting optimization software featuring digital twin technology, operations can rely on visual simulations, supported by advanced mathematics, delivered in easy-to-consume reporting featuring key KPIs, dollar values and ROI potential to make informed decisions before dedicating operating and capital expenditures including slotting adjustments, layout changes, racking additions or alterations, travel network changes, or more to improve effectiveness and achieve optimized slotting.


Posted Date1/12/23
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