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With the supply chain disruptions and dramatic increase in e-commerce and consumer demands of the past few years, supply chain leaders are recognizing the pitfalls of working in silos and are embracing the need for supply chain convergence across their systems to provide integrated visibility, accuracy and control across the supply chain functions.

SCExpert, by Made4net, is one of the most comprehensive and versatile platforms on the market today. An all-in-one suite of warehouse management, warehouse control, transportation, labor, yard management, routing and proof of delivery solutions can be individually deployed, modified or combined as needed, depending on a company’s requirements. SCExpert delivers an integrated suite of products built from the ground up on a single and common platform, making it considerably easier to turn on incremental warehouses, add solutions like route optimization, proof of delivery, yard management or labor management, or modify core business rules and workflows to suit new requirements that emerge as business needs change.

Innovation Statement

While most Supply Chain Execution solutions are built from multiple and various integrated products that complement each other, the SCExpert Suite was built from the ground up on a single and common platform to drive supply chain convergence. The SCExpert Suite is built from a network of independent microservices that can be accessed asynchronously through an API. Each of these services is responsible for a business process and can be executed separately, as well as part of a platform orchestrated component. Having WMS, TMS, YMS, LMS and more all built on a shared platform with a shared user interface and a single business logic is unique in the supply chain industry.


Today’s manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and third party logistics providers recognize that working in silos is no longer sustainable to meet the needs of increasingly complex supply chains, and they need a modern platform, such as Made4net’s SCExpert to deliver on the end-to-end promise of true supply chain convergence.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactRenata Janeiro
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