Summary of Innovation

Berkshire Grey and Locus Robotics have joined forces to revolutionize retail and eCommerce with their new Project GreyWolf solution! In the first innovative partnership of its kind, two leaders in robotic automation provide customers with a no-compromise end-to-end solution, enabling them to maximize throughput, scale effectively, and optimize labor efficiency. Combining the Berkshire Grey Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (BG RSPWi) and the Locus Robotics Origin and Vector bots, customers benefit from fully automated order fulfillment, increased productivity and near-immediate ROI.

This innovative collaboration transforms the supply chain into a competitive advantage, with combined near 100% typical SKU coverage, 1.5-2X picking improvement, and up to a 3X increase in productivity resulting in a 35-45% decrease in labor requirements versus manual approaches. Additionally, this full-scale automated system requires minimal fixed infrastructure, reducing the space required for consolidation by 70-80%.

Innovation Statement

Project GreyWolf illustrates the future of robotics today by marrying the robotics automation expertise of two industry leaders into an innovative, no-compromise solution for retail and eCommerce fulfillment. This solution represents the industry’s first example of true cross-platform automation interoperability through the integration of Berkshire Grey's Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPWi) and Locus Robotics' Origin and Vector autonomous mobile robots (AMR) into a coordinated and seamless solution.


Project GreyWolf provides customers with an unparalleled automated batch-pick-to-put wall solution that streamlines the entire order fulfillment process, increases operational efficiency, and drives cost savings, transforming the customer’s supply chain into a competitive advantage by pioneering robotic interoperability and collaboration within the warehouse.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactCailin Radcliffe
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