Summary of Innovation

Infor Nexus Control Center is a supply chain control tower built upon Infor Nexus, a single instance, multi-tenant, multi-enterprise business network. Infor Nexus Control Center offers enhanced, real-time visualization of the end-to-end supply chain, predictive insights, intelligent decision support, and collaborative execution. This solution improves supply chain velocity, agility, and responsiveness.

Innovation Statement

Nucleus Research, in its September 2022 Control Tower Technology Value Matrix report, noted that, “Infor [Nexus Control Center] differentiates itself due to its sense-and-respond functionality that combines the Infor Nexus network with [Infor] Coleman AI to identify bottlenecks, predict exceptions, and provide fixes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.” According to the Value Matrix report, “Offering predictive insights, intelligent decision support, and collaborative execution, Infor Nexus enhances and automates Control Tower decision-making. Control Center accelerates transportation processes, adjusts procurement and distribution plans, and surfaces and responds to disruptions in real time.”


This innovative solution is significant to organizations attending ProMat 2023 because it can help them improve regulatory compliance, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity. For example, Nucleus Research found that, in interviewing Infor customers, Infor Nexus Control Center helped those customers reduce client brokerage fees between 25 and 40 percent, realize a 50 percent reduction in detention and demurrage fees, recognize $2.5 million of savings in distribution center handling and transportation costs, and avoid $11 million in software upgrade costs. (Source: September 2022 Nucleus Research Note, entitled “Infor Nexus [Control Center] saves customer millions in transportation costs.”


Posted Date1/12/23
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