Summary of Innovation

The Smart Flex Effector is a sensor-based compensation module with independent kinematics in six degrees of freedom that is the first of its kind. It increases precision in handling devices, and opens up new areas of application for robots and Cartesian systems. The Smart Flex Effector was designed to compensate for process-related offsets in X, Y, Z coordinates, and the rotations Rx, Ry, Rz.
With 6 degrees of freedom, it allows the unit to provide full compliance for positioning moves. With the onboard microcontroller, position deviations of the tool in relation to the workpiece are detected using high-resolution position sensors and immediately translated into corrective movement commands. The exact position of the object can be determined. After picking or placing, the compensation module can be returned to the zero position and locked with the electromechanical locking mechanism, thus allowing high travel dynamics. This tactile sensor reduces errors while saving time and costs.
Users are able to measure the geometry of the workpiece in-process, essentially transforming your industrial robot into a supplementary measuring device.
This intelligent compensation device measures a variety of data points, including position deviation in all 6 axes, acceleration, temperature, and much more. This data can be used to create a digital twin of your entire process.

Innovation Statement

The Smart Flex Effector provides a tactile sense of touch to the robot application, essentially emulating the abilities of a human hand. A digital twin of your robotic operation can also be created from the multitudes of real-time data available from the device, providing complete process transparency.


Used in complex handling applications, joining operations with micron-level tolerances, robotic teaching, performing in-process measuring, and providing movement flexibility that was until now unobtainable, the Smart Flex Effector solves a wide array of challenges that have troubled integrators for years.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactBrad Klippstein
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