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As a global leader in yard management solutions since 2004, the Kaleris YMS offers a broad range of solutions and unique capabilities to eliminate manual workflows and improve operational visibility for accelerated execution across a yard or network of yards. Kaleris introduced two new innovations to its YMS: a driver pre-check-in app and gate kiosk that together reduce wait time at the gate for higher velocity and productivity, and Enterprise Visibility Suite, which provides an organization with a consolidated view of operations across all its yard sites to better manage capacity and exceptions.

Driver pre-check-in app and kiosk
With the new app and gate kiosk, drivers download an app or use a web app on any mobile device to perform a pre-check-in ahead of arriving at a facility. With multi-language options to suit the driver’s preference, upon pre-check-in completion, the app sends the driver a QR code and the YMS advanced notice of the driver’s arrival, automating the reservation of a dock door or parking spot. If the driver is picking up a load, the YMS notifies other systems to begin load staging, reducing load time and increasing dock turns. If the driver is delivering a shipment, the YMS leverages the app check-in to allocate receiving resources for faster trailer offloading. Once the driver scans their QR code at the kiosk, they’re directed to the correct location in the yard and can begin engaging in two-way SMS communication with the facility for additional information or updates. As labor shortages continue, the app and kiosk can support 24/7 gate operations on manned or unmanned gates. For manned gates, they can reduce labor needs to a single FTE per shift.

Enterprise Visibility Suite
The Enterprise Visibility Suite (EVS) provides an organization with a consolidated view of operations across all its yard sites running the Kaleris YMS. It also provides visibility on assets (trailers, trucks, chassis), carriers, shipment processing, and other items to help understand how the sites are performing. At a glance, a company can see what’s happening at any one of its sites, viewing key performance indicators that empower corporate and on-site supply chain team members to proactively work together to address areas that require attention, such as better management of yard capacity across the network or validating trailer pool location and size.

Innovation Statement

Driver pre-check-in app & kiosk
The combination of a new driver pre-check-in app and gate kiosks directly connected to the Kaleris YMS empowers facilities to maximize productivity through automated and time-saving practices for both inbound and outbound yard shipments. Using these innovations, facilities can reduce check-in time per arrival by over 80% while also accelerating gate velocity, reducing wasted effort, providing clear information and greater convenience to visiting drivers, and reapplying limited human labor to higher-value tasks.

Enterprise Visibility Suite
The Enterprise Visibility Suite consolidates data across all yard sites running the Kaleris YMS in a company’s network for single-pane visibility into their capacity, accessorial charge management, inbound processing, and more, providing the KPI’s to support exception management to generate the best outcomes across the network.


Driver pre-check-in app & kiosk
The new app and kiosk create a better experience for visiting drivers, helping them navigate a yard faster and more easily while at the same time reducing costs to the facility through accelerated gate velocity.

Enterprise Visibility Suite
Any organization with more than one yard in its network can leverage EVS to gather insights and take valuable actions that drive out operational costs and create better bottom-line value.


Posted Date1/12/23
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