Summary of Innovation

QuickBot is a revolutionary innovation in warehouse automation, as a plug-and-play quick deployment robotic case handler that is simple to install and can be operating in a customer’s warehouse within two weeks of an order. It is a versatile robot cell that can be easily connected to existing conveyors and works seamlessly with mobile robots such as AGVs and AMRs. Its unique on-the-fly case recognition feature allows it to handle mixed-SKU pallet loads without the need for prior training or information from external systems, making it an ideal solution for real-world warehouse scenarios. With the ability to quickly start picking cases within hours of installation, it is a game-changer for warehouses looking to automate their receiving operations.

Innovation Statement

QuickBot is an innovative solution for depalletizing in warehouses because it combines all the necessary components for a fully automated depalletizing solution with one of the most intelligent robotic automation systems on the market. In addition to a robot arm and vision system, it includes: a pre-installed safety system, a retractable conveyor on a rail, and a pneumatically driven telescoping vision stand, all of which comes installed on a single metal baseplate, making it an easy to deploy, versatile, and space-efficient solution for warehouse automation.


Attendees will be thrilled to know that not only will QuickBot improve picking accuracy, reduce cost and increase throughput in their receiving operations, but that it is also offered on a flexible purchase model, where a customer will have the option to add QuickBot to their processes as an operating expense.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactJeremy Fultz
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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