Summary of Innovation

A revolution in order picking equipment, the EZtote® 5210 combines easy maneuverability with high capacity and incredible 11.8” nesting, making it uniquely suited for the demands of the modern retailer. It is feature rich, and easy to use allowing for more efficient order fulfillment. Bins and dividers add versatility for quick, on the fly, resizing to accommodate customer orders as well as allowing for easy order staging, onloading and offloading.
It offers:
Space Saving – With 11.8” nesting, the EZtote® 5210 takes up a fraction of the space of non-nesting picking carts, saving more than 60% of valuable retail or backroom space.
High Capacity – Holding up to 20 standard grocery paper bags per cart, the EZtote® 5210 allows for more orders to be picked in each run and can increase order picking capacity by more than 275% in comparable space to non-nesting picking carts.
Productivity and Efficiency Enhancing – The center wheel makes the EZtote® 5210 very easy to maneuver reducing fatigue and strain. The wide range of features ensure that all the equipment needed is within easy reach.
Highly Customizable – With its unique bin and divider system, this cart can be configured as needed depending on the job at hand. This configuration flexibility helps to future-proof your store equipment, an absolute essential in the fast-changing retail space.

Innovation Statement

The EZtote® 5210 is an innovative high-capacity Bin Picking Cart System that offers versatility, exceptional maneuverability, and space saving nesting. It allows retailers to meet the growing and changing demands of the market without sacrificing valuable retail or backroom space.


The EZtote® 5210 is an innovative Bin Picking Cart System that can save retailers more than 60% of their retail space or increase their order picking capacity by more than 275% in the space they are already using for conventional picking equipment.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactAnn Marie Root
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Versacart Systems.

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