Summary of Innovation

SKU Slotting is a constant challenge at most warehouses. While using spreadsheets can provide good results, their use can be complex, time-consuming, and results highly dependent on the user’s expertise. Other more robust solutions often require the services of a data scientist who might not be readily available on a regular basis.

Optimal Warehouse delivers AI-powered SKU Slotting designed to provide all the depth expected by data scientists while keeping it accessible to managers and supervisors who might not have specialized training in data analysis.

Some of the key capabilities in Optimal Warehouse that support this goal are:
• Extremely realistic 3D model of the warehouse and the SKUs in it.
• Innovative visualization tools to analyze existing operations.
• Fast and effective SKU Slotting calculations that provide ideal solutions taking into account multiple criteria simultaneously.
• The ability to generate simulations of thousands or even millions of future picks.
• The ability to save and compare multiple scenarios with a multitude of simulation metrics.

Innovation Statement

Optimal Warehouse brings efficient SKU Slotting solutions to users of all experience levels. The realistic 3D model of the warehouse supports the review of multiple indicators using innovative visualization tools.


Optimal Warehouse can help analyze current operations in remarkable depth; it can generate ideal SKU Slotting solutions; and it can validate those solutions with detailed simulations.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactEd Aviles
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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