Summary of Innovation

The design of DA-ViDe-IT, our patented soft rack divider, is an alternative to the current rigid (typically wire mesh) rack divider. Customers were concerned about injury to workers and damage to product while utilizing the more rigid dividers. We achieved a safer product for the workplace by eliminating sharp edges and fall hazards associated with dislodged overhead dividers. The lightweight design enhances the speed and safety of installation and its compact design results in significant shipping cost reductions.

The unique hook design of DA-ViDe-IT allows utilization of the same panel for use as a front-to-back, left-to-right, back or end panel and a flue space divider for high pile storage. The pliable design allows for placement at very tight centers for optimum slotting and space utilization. This same flexibility allows removal of any divider without disrupting the position of existing dividers on the same shelf. By inventing the first vertically adjustable divider, we have eliminated the need to replace our divider every time a beam adjustment is required to accommodate new or ever-changing product. This patented product not only provides significant cost savings and ROI, but its flexibility makes it the choice divider of today and for the future of warehouse storage systems.

Innovation Statement

Our Patented Soft Rack Divider is a brand new design of an existing product! Its advanced properties not only protect workers and products, it is light weight, easy to store, can be adjusted and much more!


DA-ViDe-IT is a solution to accommodate an industry request for an alternative product that provides improved personnel safety, protects product, adds flexibility and saves money, all of which result in customer satisfaction and justifiable ROI.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactKim Wright
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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