Summary of Innovation

Built on a foundation of breakthrough research and unlocking the science of how humans and animals walk, Digit is the first commercially available human-centric, multi-purpose robot. A robot designed to walk into a warehouse and get right to work without costly retrofitting. Digit is a safe and reliable tool that will support the existing workforce, helping companies and their employees achieve new levels of efficiency.

Digit represents an entirely new phase of robotics automation. Where robots work with and alongside people in the most advanced logistics facilities in the world. The impact of which goes beyond multiplying productivity. Digit is a tool that will take on the tasks that have already been process-automated, allowing employees to tackle more rewarding and complicated tasks that require human creativity.

Innovation Statement

Digit is the world’s first commercially available multi-purpose, human-centric robot. Digit represents an entirely new phase of robotic automation.


Digit is the first robot capable of safely walking into existing warehouses to partner with employees, dramatically increasing the productivity of your workforce.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactKegan Sims
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Agility Robotics.

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