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Reliable protection against product and brand counterfeiting as well as a new marketing tool! The innovative BrandSecureSystem solution is on the one hand a simple and cost-effective way to verify the authenticity of a product: Products marked with the special and forgery-proof Brand Secure Label are originals and can be verified as such at any time. On the other hand make distribution channels traceable: Take your marketing to a whole new level. Keep in touch with your customers – easier and more secure than ever before.

The Brand Secure System consists of four functional areas: a label, a database, a app and the Dialogue. The Brand Secure Label has an open & concealed code. The open code can be scanned before buying and can provide information for example on the origin and composition. The consumer simply exposes the hidden code after purchase, scans it, and has the certainty of having bought an original product. The database with product and group management as well as access tracking can use as an essential instrument for a marketing campaign or climate-friendly economy. For example, it should provide repair possibilities of a product and on its handling at the end of its life. Learn more: https://brandsecuresystem.com/en/home-english/

Innovation Statement

The Brand Secure System means double protection against counterfeiting: for the manufacturer and the end consumer. This is particularly important for products and brands that require reliable protection against professional counterfeiting.

Through our system, we enable end consumers to independently check for the original. In addition, the consumer’s brand experience is enhanced, and their loyalty to the brand is increased.


Any Attendee who needs an ideal counterfeit-proof solution for all brand protection requirements should take a look at this simple and cost-effective system, which is completely new in its kind: It is designed for all types of products, in every industry, for example food as well as pharmaceuticals, spareparts and more.


Posted Date1/12/23
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