Summary of Innovation

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers from EnerSys® charge battery-powered forklifts and AGVs without traditional charging connections. Using charging technology similar to mobile phones, NexSys® AIR wireless chargers provide managers operational resilience for both manual equipment and AGVs – reducing dependence on personnel to “plug-in” equipment.

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers provide exceptional advantages to automated operations – enabling managers to re-task equipment tenders dedicated to charging AGV units. Compatible with popular forklift equipment and AGVs, NexSys® AIR wireless chargers work across common voltages and all battery technologies – from lithium-ion to thin plate pure lead to traditional lead acid. NexSys® AIR wireless chargers’ communication capabilities and open architecture also enables a single charger to service several types of equipment.

Innovation Statement

NexSys® AIR wireless chargers for AGVs and forklifts reduce dependence on personnel - eliminating the need for manual “plug-ins”. NexSys® AIR wireless chargers are flexible and work with common equipment, voltages and battery types - enabling each charger to service a variety of equipment.


NexSys® AIR wireless chargers are flexible, scalable and reliable – providing facility managers added operational resilience by reducing dependence on personnel.


Posted Date1/12/23
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by EnerSys.

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