Summary of Innovation

The A-MATE® Counter is the newest member of the growing A-MATE® product line offered by K. Hartwall. These mobile robots are designed with the highest level of quality and extreme robustness for industrial use.

With the unbeatable compact design and cantilevered forks, the A-MATE® Counter offers maximum flexibility in handling internal transport tasks in production and logistics environments, even in narrow spaces. Equipped with the latest intelligent AMR software and natural navigation technology, the A-MATE Counter operates autonomously in its operational environment, including larger fleets and in interaction with manual traffic. Additionally, it offers a 360° all around effective safety system with additional features that go beyond the traditional safety standards. The A-MATE Counter can also operate 24/7, due to the automatic interim charging of its Lithium-ion batteries.

Innovation Statement

K. Hartwall’s A-MATE® Counter is the world's most compact AMR counterbalanced truck for pallets and lattice boxes with a practice-oriented payload of 1 ton.


The ideal application scenario for the A-MATE® Counter is as link between goods-in/goods-out, warehouse, and production. Due to its counterbalance principle, it can fulfill a wide range of use cases with various transportation units. The user-friendly software allows for quick integration into the corporate environment and easy subsequent adjustments. With these properties, the A-MATE® Counter guarantees a fast return on investment.


Posted Date1/12/23
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Submitted by K.Hartwall.

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