Summary of Innovation

A first in industrial thermal duplex, linerless printing. Toshiba's innovative solution combines two separate labels – such as shipping & packing lists – into a single, two-sided label. Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer (DL1024), which utilizes Premier Print & Services Group's Premier Linerless DuplexPackSlip® label, reduces costs, improves productivity and helps the environment by eliminating the need for a second label.

By combining shipping label and packing list, and eliminating the plastic pouch and label liner, the DL1024 enables organizations to function with significantly less waste. This is unmatched environmental sustainability that endures for the life of the printer.

Innovation Statement

A first of its kind – combining two significant features into one printer. Toshiba's industry-disrupting printer produces dual-sided labels with zero liner waste in the process.


Among other advantages, Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer reduces up to 40 percent of label costs by combining two separate labels while bolstering productivity by printing on both sides of the label simultaneously.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactRick Havacko
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Submitted by Toshiba America Business Solutions.

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