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Space shortages inside the existing centers drive the trend to parcel bulk handling – as one of the levers to save space and docks. Automatic solutions for bulk handling have become an indispensable part of parcel handling, also to avoid increasing labor efforts. An important lever for increasing sorting performance and reducing unscheduled downtimes lies in the identification and removal of difficult-to-handle items as early as possible. Currently this requires manual handling, which is time consuming and cost intensive. Manual identification of items to be removed from a bulk flow stream is more error-prone, which leads to additional disruptions in the sorting process.

VarioPick is designed to flexibly enhance sorting systems and remove predefined items from a moving two-dimensional bulk stream. The solution benefits from our engineers’ decades-old experience with pattern recognition.
The special gripper design and the capability of determining the consingments’ optimal gripping point ensure reliable and cost-efficient parcel extraction. VarioPick can pick up to 3,600 items per hour at a conveyor speed of up to 1.0 m/s – this top picking rate results in a throughput up to four times higher than by a manual process.

Innovation Statement

Körber Supply Chain Logistics’ VarioPick combines a state-of-the-art AI based vision system with a highly efficient, flexible robotic solution for dynamic item extraction. Deep learning technology is used to precisely identify shape and position of the objects. The robot is capable of determining the optimal gripping point of the non-machinable consignments.


The stand-alone system consists of a vision system, a robot with a special gripper, a robot mount, and a control cabinet. Via an integrated display the employee in the sorting center can easily optimize the specification, which items should be extracted, without need of high-level control knowledge. The system can be installed and commissioned within a day and works independent with no need to integrate with high-level controls. With its small footprint, VarioPick fits into both greenfield and brownfield applications. Its service-friendly system requires no special tools. Furthermore, it is easily scalable by simply adding more units. VarioPick can be easily adapted to varying process demands, such as fluctuations in required throughput, new items to be picked, and more. This flexible solution comes with the robot best suited to the respective use case. The open Robot Control System Platform enables integration of robot systems from several robot suppliers, allowing us to offer an “all-in-one” solution.
Our customers have provided very positive feedback; they were highly impressed with the solutions’ ability to rapidly detect and pick items.


Posted Date1/12/23
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Submitted by Koerber Supply Chain LLC.

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