Summary of Innovation

In 2022, OTTO Motors launched the industry’s smartest autonomous forklift, fulfilling a crucial gap in the automation of material handling in warehouses and facilities worldwide. Lifter’s core skill is autonomously picking up and dropping off pallets from the floor to other equipment like a conveyor up to 30 inches. The innovative AMR uses Adaptive Fieldset Technology to quickly navigate dynamic workspaces while prioritizing safety for the people and other equipment in the facility. This results in faster mission completion times, smaller fleets delivering the equivalent in productivity and the highest customer ROI. Unlike AGVs and current forklifts on the market, Lifter intelligently recognizes and moves pallets to and from stands without any operator intervention, facilitating quick, one-touch autonomous lane clearing. Lifter is unlocking new pallet transport workflows for the entire industry, including Palletizer to Stretch-Wrapper, Stretch-Wrapper to Storage, Storage to Outbound and vice-versa. Using AI capabilities to intuitively pick up and drop off off-centered pallets up to 15-degrees and safely pierce stretch-wrapped pallets with up to 4 wraps of clear ply, Lifter improves overall productivity in facilities.

Lifter solves top manufacturing challenges of today and tomorrow, including labor shortages, worker safety, and strains on supply chains from increased consumer demand and expectations. Built on OTTO Motors’ 14 years of industry-leading robotics expertise and over four million production hours, Lifter durably and predictably drives in dynamic environments safely and efficiently. Through advanced safety sensors, class-leading autonomous driving capabilities, and a maximum payload capacity of 2,650 pounds, Lifter works alongside people, other vehicles, and existing infrastructure for as low as $9/hour. With a range of capabilities previously unseen in the market, OTTO Lifter pushes the boundaries of what can be autonomously lifted, transported and delivered.

Innovation Statement

As one of the only forklift AMRs on the market, OTTO Lifter fills a crucial industry gap through autonomous path planning and job execution from start to finish, unlocking new pallet transport workflows for the industry, while simultaneously navigating through dynamic, complex environments autonomously.


Built to reduce material handling costs of pallet transport workflows in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, OTTO Lifter solves labor shortage and worker safety challenges through efficiency, flexibility, and safety features built for the most demanding industrial environments.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactJess Blenkarn
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Submitted by OTTO Motors.

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