Summary of Innovation

SnapControl is a multiagent orchestration platform that provides a device agnostic, unified approach to automation. Gartner estimates that by 2026, over 50% of companies deploying intralogistics robots will have a multiagent orchestration platform, that is, a software solution to drive productivity improvements by controlling the assignment of work to various robots, and an automation integration strategy as robot fleets expand beyond a single vendor.

SnapControl orchestrates the prioritization of warehouse inbound, outbound and replenishment workflows, automatically allocates tasks, evaluates which robotic devices and technologies best match specific operations, and enables data capture to assess the value each device yields. Importantly, the solution allows for buffer creation to delay tasks, exception management, and real-time switchover if devices are damaged or unavailable. All these capabilities allow the customer to avoid subsystems for AMR deployments, which increase the cost of ownership, complexity and time-to-value for deploying automation.

Innovation Statement

By extending the robust and flexible rules engine in the Tier1 WMS solution SnapFulfil, the SnapControl multiagent orchestration platform deploys a fully integrated solution in under 60 days and can add other new devices and systems in days, not months. Customers benefit from the rapid speed to value, and robot OEMs benefit by being able to recognize revenue in weeks, not months or years.


As organizations adopt new technologies and automation to mitigate labor challenges and make warehouses more efficient, the ability to rapidly integrate and operate these investments with SnapControl as a multiagent orchestration platform is foundational to ensure new technologies flex to meet dynamic operational requirements.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactKatie McCauley
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