Summary of Innovation

The TeamViewer AiStudio add-on enables you to build image-based datasets and train machine learning (ML) models to use AI capabilities within Frontline, TeamViewer’s industrial AR platform — without any coding or data science skills required, simply configure AI capabilities instead of tediously programming them.
Easily equip your frontline workforce with AR technology, powered by AI, that makes it possible to detect objects, colors, shapes, positions, or arrangements of objects. Bring abstract artificial intelligence to life in your company to optimize the performance, quality, and flexibility of your frontline workforce and increase.

Innovation Statement

AI holds huge efficiency potential for companies, but it is involving great IT know-how today: It is difficult to deploy and to make use of it in an easy way and simultaneously achieve a reasonable ROI.
With AiStudio, TeamViewer offers an easy-to-use, configurable access to AI technology in the field of object recognition that does not require in-depth specialized IT knowledge.


Build your own AI-driven solutions by configuring instead of programming, e.g. to create your own workplace safety checks or quality assurance procedures, and improve your workforce holistically by integrating these capabilities into TeamViewer Frontline and benefit of the synergy between AR and AI.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactKim Proudfoot
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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