Summary of Innovation

We recently launched a new solution in SOTI MobiControl – Indoor Location – all part of the SOTI ONE Platform. Indoor Location works in real-time to locate business-critical mobile devices indoors.

An organization that lacks visibility on the locations of its devices is operating at a disadvantage and risks experiencing unnecessary downtime due the limited availability of critical workplace technologies. Locating a lost device takes time and requires retracing of steps, which is not always an accurate, efficient or reliable process. With Indoor Location, Organizations can create indoor geofences and exclusion zones. Indoor geofences allow managers to take automatic actions or receive notifications based on devices entering or exiting the geofence. This means organizations can set up exclusion zones around areas where they do not want to track devices (for example, washrooms) to protect employee privacy.

Innovation Statement

With Indoor Location, organizations can also protect the health of employees and the safety of data. For example, if someone enters a hazardous area (such as a forklift crossing zone in a warehouse), they will receive an alert on their device instructing them to leave the area immediately. If someone enters a room to meet with external guests, the device locks down to prevent accidental exposure to sensitive data.


Indoor Location helps organizations find, manage and track mobile devices through a visually driven, easy-to-use dashboard. The solution accurately locates lost devices, if the device is online, it will show its current location (accurate up to three feet). If the device is offline, it will display its last known location.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactMary Shorun
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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