Summary of Innovation

Loading containers can be a costly and time-consuming process, often performed using unsafe procedures by multiple forklifts and many operators. Feedback from customers in the containerization sector prompted Combilift to look at how these procedures could be improved. Combilift’s latest innovation, the Combilift Container Slip-Sheet (Combi-CSS), has been designed for quicker and easier mechanized loading of products (particularly long ones) into containers. The Combi-CSS from Combilift, is the ultimate, safer alternative to traditional container loading and unloading.

Normal procedure for loading long loads into containers is using a forklift to lift and maneuver the product laterally into the container and another forklift operator to push the load from the end. This is not very safe, is time consuming and not overly efficient. The Combi CSS allows a full load of product to be prepared behind the container on the sheet and loaded onto a 20’ container in just three minutes (and six for a 40’ container). ROI will be achieved in a truly short period time and for this reason the Combi-CSS is the obvious choice for safe and efficient container loading.

Innovation Statement

The Combi-CSS is a free-standing, electric-powered, semi-automated machine for loading & unloading of 20’,40’, 45’ & 53’ containers. It features a container-chassis docking system and a bi-direction horizontally moving Hardox® Steel Slip-Sheet with a capacity of 65,000Lbs, and allows a full load of product to be prepared on the Hardox® plate and loaded into the container. The Combi-CSS loads 20’ containers in just three minutes (and six for a 40’ container) and allows for reduced product handling & lift-truck utilization, increasing safety, and reducing product damage.


The Combi-CSS can be used in any industry that utilizes container loading or off-loading, providing a broad opportunity for all attendees to increase efficiency and improve safety.


Posted Date1/12/23
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