Summary of Innovation

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps – Apple iOS and Android devices – to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities (camera, video recording, barcode scanning, etc.) of your mobile devices.

Once data is collected, SOTI Snap moves it through automated, customized workflows to required stakeholders for necessary decision-making. This enables organizations to quickly act on data in near real-time while having full visibility into what data has been collected, who has seen it, where it is in the approval process and where it is going next. This helps cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks, making you more productive and enabling service delivery in a snap.

Innovation Statement

With SOTI Snap, businesses can improve employee and customer experience and reduce data loss. For example, it allows organizations to share information and training materials with rich media support. Business leaders can train workers remotely and present information by building mobile apps with embedded webpages, images and videos.


Not only are manual processes and recording data time-consuming but also increases the chance of human error, like missing or incorrectly recording information. Moreover, manual records do not give accurate real-time insights into business operations. SOTI Snap helps to digitize collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimize your mobile device investment.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactMary Shorun
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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