Summary of Innovation

The Roly® Total Control Access (TCA) pallet drop safety gate ensures that an elevated ledge is never left unprotected, providing employees working close to elevated ledges with failsafe fall protection in any material handling or warehousing environment, especially those with automated operations. Like the original Roly safety gate, the new TCA design is a dual-gate system, but the gates do not operate in tandem: when one gate is open, the opposite gate stays fully closed and is prevented from opening until the other is fully into the closed position.

Using a proprietary connection and technology system, TCA gates operate automatically and solely through the system’s technology, so employees no longer are required to operate or touch the gates, a helpful factor in high volume fulfillment centers in which speed to move pallets is a top priority. The TCA design includes photo eyes and tension monitors that detect items that may be preventing a gate from closing, and if an error occurs, prevent the gate from dropping quickly and automatically stops the gate movement. Sensors integrate the systems with WMS and allow communication with other equipment in the facility.

Innovation Statement

The Roly Total Control Access Safety Gate is a dual-gate system but the gates don’t operate in tandem; instead when one gate is open the other stays fully closed and is prevented from opening until the other fully closes providing a barrier at elevated ledges at all times. With fully-automatic operations, employees have no-touch fall protection systems that integrate with warehouse WMS and automated equipment.


The Roly TCA safety gate provides employees with the safest working environment around pallet drop areas and fully integrates within automated material handling and warehousing facilities.


Posted Date1/12/23
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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