Summary of Innovation

The GreyMatter™ open API platform enables any certified vendor’s robotic solution to seamlessly connect to the fulfillment orchestration platform, giving global customers the freedom to choose the technology that best fits their warehouse environment.

The GreyMatter open API is the answer to the increasing global demand for flexible, scalable automated fulfillment solutions that not only meet customers' specific needs without limiting them to a single robotic vendor’s scope but offer the highest industry standards in security, safety and scalability.

Innovation Statement

The open API integration of GreyMatter makes it easy for any robotics manufacturer to partner with us and be part of GreyOrange's ‘platform of choice.’
GreyMatter API is an answer to the global demand for flexible, automated fulfillment solutions that meet customers' specific needs without limiting them to a single vendor’s scope.


The GreyMatter platform constantly analyzes live data to look for optimal outcomes and then coordinates and assigns the work activities of humans, warehouse robots and other execution agents to maximize productivity, speed, accuracy, and safety in end-to-end inventory fulfillment operations.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactLeah Robinson
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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