Summary of Innovation

Parcel processors are under more pressure than ever before: Labor is scarce, specifically in the middle mile and last mile areas of a shipping network, and every second from clicking “buy” until package delivery counts. With a sustained need for meeting high throughput demands in a tight timeframe, Intralox analyzed every aspect of the material handling process. We saw an opportunity to improve the underserved singulating and gapping process and offer something more precise, smaller, and easier to maintain than what was previously available for the industry.

Historically, Intralox has deployed Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology that precisely moves packages side to side. The Intralox® SmartPath™ Singulator and Gapper now uses ARB technology to manipulate package flow in the direction of belt travel. Its compact configuration combines singulating and gapping into a single machine with one motor and one continuous conveyance surface. The smallest activation zone sizes ever seen in the material handling market allow for more independent, precise control of difficult-to-handle package types such as polybags. As an integration-ready solution, the SmartPath Singulator and Gapper temporarily pauses individual e-commerce parcels, creating a singulated and gapped flow exiting the machine. At 8-ft long, the SmartPath Singulator and Gapper requires up to 70% less footprint than other market solutions. Plus, when combined with a sorter, the Singulator and Gapper can reduce sortation operation labor by up to 64%.

Innovation Statement

The SmartPath Singulator and Gapper is the first and only machine to combine the two functions into one with a single driven conveying surface and activation zones smaller than the typical e-commerce package. Adding this machine to a sortation process results in the most compact, precise, and labor-efficient total e-commerce loading, singulation, gapping, and sorting solution available.


Due to the combination of sustained labor scarcity and ever-increasing parcel volumes, automating parcel processes such as singulating and gapping is critical to future-proofing the middle mile and last mile; Intralox has developed the most precise, compact way to address this industry need.


Posted Date1/12/23
ContactMadeline Lennox
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