Summary of Innovation

Apex C1500-L is a fully autonomous forklift suitable for GMA and Euro pallet movement. Using deep-learning computer-vision software in combination with LiDAR, IMU, and odometry sensors, Apex increases safety, accuracy, flexibility, productivity, and scalability for pallet movement workflows. The forklift can carry payloads of up to 3,306 lbs and place pallets with ±2-inch precision. If a pallet is misplaced at an awkward angle, Apex adjusts autonomously to complete its task.

Apex C1500-L stands above the rest with its integration capabilities. The forklift can be integrated with a warehouse’s existing systems and equipment and work autonomously with other AMRs to achieve fully unmanned material movement workflows. As companies grow and expand their operations to meet consumer demand, integration is key when considering mobile robots and autonomous forklifts.

Innovation Statement

ForwardX’s Apex autonomous forklifts are the only forklifts capable of fully integrating with your existing systems and equipment. Using its deep-learning computer-vision approach, Apex collaborates with other forklifts, AMR fleets, and/or automation solutions to achieve fully unmanned material movement workflows.


Whether a warehouse is already utilizing automation technology or just wants some autonomous forklifts to aid in material transport, Apex C1500-L is ready to redefine efficiency and streamline material handling workflows.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactJacob Lish
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by ForwardX Robotics.

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