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Save time and money with the world’s fastest and most reliable wireless charging for lift trucks—on par with wired in terms of speed and cost, safe in even the harshest environments, and undeniably more convenient.

Resonant Link’s breakthrough wireless charging features the world’s first 400 A, 19.2 kW wireless lift truck charger. It’s the only wireless charging system suitable for autonomous and manual vehicles, one with the high powers they need to fast charge and the parking flexibility needed to reliably and easily operate. An impressive 10" air gap, +/- 6" of misalignment, the industry’s first foreign object detection system, and efficiencies of >90% throughout the parking range ensure a safe, speedy, and seamless charging experience your customers and operators will love.

Innovation Statement

Charging for material handling equipment is a constant struggle, with human error, safety issues, and excess costs plaguing the industry. But alternatives like conventional wireless charging solutions have fallen short too, offering limited parking flexibility and low power output, so they simply won’t work with manually-operated vehicles or with the high-power levels needed to recharge quickly and efficiently. Resonant Link has changed all of this with the world’s fastest and most reliable wireless charging for lift trucks—made with industry-leading safety, to be easy for lift operators, remote operators, and autonomous vehicles to use, and to be on par with wired in terms of speed and cost.


Companies can reduce risk and grow their bottom line with fast, safe, and reliable wireless charging today, while using the same system to prepare for the warehouse of the future, where opportunity and dynamic charging ensure you never have to stop a vehicle just to charge it.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactRachel Allard
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