Summary of Innovation

KAUP designed an innovated new product for Appliance/Carton Clamps which revolutionizes the material handling industry with it’s intelligent and autonomous "Smart Load Control" (SLC) system. Unlike other clamps on the market, SLC regulates the clamping force based on the weight of the load, instead of the dimensions, ensuring that only the necessary amount of force is applied to the load without any intervention from the forklift driver. This guarantees damage-free handling of goods every time. Even better, SLC functions without interference in the forklift hydraulic system and only requires a simple "plug and play" power supply.
The Smart Load Control system is perfect for any operation looking for a more efficient, damage-free and versatile way of handling goods. Upgrade your material handling game today with KAUP's Smart Load Control clamps!

Innovation Statement

Smart Load Control clamps function without intervention in the forklift hydraulic system. The system is completely contained within the attachment and only requires a DC voltage supply along with standard hydraulic functions.


The Smart Load Control provides a method to drastically reduce product damage beyond levels once thought possible.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactKevin Estes
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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