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Transbotics, powered by Scott, is excited to introduce its newest AGV with its Outdoor AGV Advancement. This AGV can transport materials safely and efficiently between buildings while keeping the transported product in an environmentally safe enclosure, fully protected from all elements and free from any changes in temperature and humidity. For example, steel cord used in the creel process of tire making must be free from any contaminants or temperature changes that could induce condensation or any subsequent rust formation which can affects calendar line position. This AGV solution allows new calendars to be built in virtually any location without risking any product quality.
For over forty years Transbotics has designed and installed the best AGVs available on the market, from custom vehicles that handle over 120,000 lbs, to special manufacturing vehicles in the most demanding production areas. Transbotics AGVs come in generic models but also can be specifically designed for the individual application. Key considerations include the site conditions, load requirements, temperature, terrain, visibility, humidity, rain and navigation needs. Our innovative products and solutions allow customers to streamline their operations and future-proof their success.

Innovation Statement

This AGV is an integrated solution that ensures that any material that is adversely affected by changes in temperature or humidity can be moved from building to building without risking the native state of the product. With a 7,000 lb. capacity the AGV can climb a 6% grade. Various levels of temperature control and protection are available.


This innovation maintains the integrity of your product during transport, controlling both temperature and humidity during the manufacturing process; supporting production expansion where single building use is not possible due to geographical constraints.


Posted Date1/11/23
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