Summary of Innovation

KeenASR is a software development kit that allows developers to voice-enable their mobile apps or custom hardware devices. KeenASR SDK runs completely on-device ("offline") and does not require speech data to be sent to the cloud. This allows operation in offline environments, provides superb security by design (confidential data is not sent over the internet, to 3rd parties), and unlimited scalability.

The SDK can be customized to specific domains and effectively recognize custom jargon. KeenASR SDK currently powers mobile apps focused on voice-picking, digital workflows and procedures, training, and custom-domain virtual assistants.

Innovation Statement

The SDK provides robust speech recognition performance in noisy environments, as well as cost-effective and scaleable way to voice enable enterprise mobile apps.


The SDK can effectively voice-enable variety of enterprise mobile apps that are focused on hands-free use cases, providing safety, security, and scalability. Enterprise mobile apps powered by KeenASR SDK improve productivity of the front-line workforce.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactOgnjen Todic
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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Submitted by Keen Research.

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