Summary of Innovation

The PS3000+ utilizes our proprietary MultiLink System to wirelessly links multiple PS3000+ units together. With this technology, a single PS3000+ can be used to
move a load of 33 tons. A second PS3000+ can be connected to move 66 tons or a third to move 99 tons. Once connected, the PS3000+ units operate as one unit and are
controlled by a single operator on a single remote control. The load can then be moved in multiple directions and rotations.

Innovation Statement

Our PS3000+ remote-control, pedestrian-operated electric tugger can move heavy loads (99 tons in weight) and large objects (exceeding over 100m in length) in very tight indoor production facilities.


With this technology, an operator can connect multiple PS3000+ tuggers together to move loads of 99 tons. It has been used to move wind turbines, satellites, aircraft wings, rocket components, and heavy duty automotive vehicles.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactSusanne Mulligan
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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