Summary of Innovation

Platform-agnostic warehouse labor planning for today and the future. Rebus® Labor Planning gives teams the ability to predict future labor needs, as well as real-time insight into progress against their planned labor. With WMS & LMS-agnostic Labor Planning, teams can read historical data from any LMS so they can forecast your staffing goals effectively.

Rebus Labor Planning keeps historical data easily accessible. Most solutions only allow for 1 or 2 months of data before archiving it. Then it’s barely usable. Labor Planning not only stores the data longer, but it also keeps it accessible so teams and managers can identify previous patterns and reliably forecast future labor demands and costs.

Innovation Statement

Rebus Labor Planning is the only LMS-agnostic labor planning solution on the market with access to years of archived data across the entire warehouse footprint, regardless of location or the number of disparate WMS or LMS systems a company is using.


Rebus Labor Planning helps team accurately forecast future labor needs from years of historical data and see progress made against planned work in real-time, giving a critical edge needed to adjust staffing schedules and avoiding wasted time and money across an entire network of warehouses.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactJustin Baronoff
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