Summary of Innovation

Yale Reliant™ is a robust technology suite designed to reinforce lift truck operating best practices and support operator awareness, tailored to the unique challenges of warehouse operations.

Yale Reliant monitors multiple inputs to gather real-time information about a truck’s location, speed, weight, proximity to objects in its path and the weight and stability of the load it is carrying. When the sensing technologies detect certain activities that do not conform to operating best practices, the system helps operators to compensate by providing dynamic alerts to the operator and by making adjustments to truck performance such as:
- Limiting hydraulic functions, including lift, lower and tilt, to keep loads stable and moving at a steady rate, helping reduce the risk of tipping and load pitching.
- Preventing operators from lifting and carrying loads that exceed weight limits.
- Preventing operators from entering designated pedestrian zones.
- Initiating truck slow-downs when approaching the end of an aisle or in observance of facility rules and proximity to obstacles, people and other trucks.

Innovation Statement

While some competitive systems only offer beeps or lights, with Yale Reliant, the operator can feel the performance reduction and the system triggers an alert to provide additional reaction time and the reason for the intervention, all while keeping the operator in control of the truck. And, while some other systems may implement standard speed reductions, Yale Reliant takes this a step further with the ability to apply a tailored, controlled deceleration.


Incidents like crashes and tip overs put lift truck operators in physical danger and negatively impact warehouse efficiency and productivity. Yale Reliant provides a range of technological interventions to help limit the risk of these incidents.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactBrad Long, Brand Manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation
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