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Fast: Geek+’s PopPick system, our cutting-edge Goods-to-Person Picking solution, doubles throughput. Innovative: When warehouse workers are sleeping, our AI system rearranges the warehouse by putting the hottest items at the front of the warehouse for ease of picking the next day. Flexible: Piece picking, palette picking, large and small items, mixed SKUs, PopPick system makes it easy.

PopPick system, which debuted in early 2022, has quickly become the most innovative picking solution in warehouses in Asia and the United States.

Before PopPick system, a company often had to choose between high efficiency, high storage density and cost savings. An ASRS system offered high storage but was costly. Any number of fixed-infrastructure solutions were efficient but offered no flexibility. With PopPick system, you can have all three. From inbound to outbound, PopPick is an entire system built for speed and accuracy. First, picking robots carrying movable shelves from storage locations to PopPick workstations where intelligent robotic arms present totes or boxes to the operator. As an all-in-one solution, the PopPick system can increase picking speed to up to 650 totes per hour and improve warehouse storage density by 50%.

Rather than being limited to only bins containing only small items, PopPick combines picking and storing of totes, shelves, and pallets in one solution. It is suitable for an almost limitless set of industries and settings. E-commerce, Apparel, Third-Party logistics and Pharmaceuticals are just some of the industries that are already benefiting from the PopPick productivity boost.

Beyond the hardware, PopPick system is also powered by Geek+’s sophisticated algorithms and software. One of PopPick system’s most impressive product features, dynamic slotting, happens during idle time. PopPick system coordinates inventory to place the most in-demand and popular items near the front of the warehouse to be easily picked the next day. The process is adjusted and updated dynamically, using operational data and order forecasts. The results are shorter routes for our robots to travel and faster throughput overall, not to mention a 99.99% order fulfillment accuracy rate.

Innovation Statement

As an award-winning, Goods-to-Person picking solution, PopPick is the only smart option on the market that can handle containers of many shapes and sizes and coordinate inventory during idle time. Because of its all-in-one capabilities, PopPick system revolutionizes order fulfillment and equips companies with the latest technology to optimize warehouse operations and meet increased consumer demands.


As an all-in-one solution, PopPick system enables companies to improve picking efficiency in a variety of scenarios because of its ability to handle both large and small items, mixed SKUs, piece or palette picking, and is even capable of handling fragile items like small glass bottles used for cosmetics.


Posted Date1/11/23
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