Summary of Innovation

As the leading provider of free and secure public phone charging for the last 10 years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands to help bring traffic into stores and increase shopper dwell time. But when our clients told us that they were struggling with their enterprise handheld devices - constantly losing them due to breakage, loss, and lack of accountability - we saw the need to expand our product line to serve our customers on the back end of their stores. We took our proficiencies in charging and securing phones and built a state-of-the-art device management solution: ARC.

ARC was built to store, secure, and charge company-owned handheld devices that employees use to do their jobs, ultimately reducing shrink, hits to productivity, and wasted payroll time consumed by managers. The system is able to automatically remove faulty devices from circulation so they can be swapped for functioning devices. By identifying which team members had devices checked out, ARC has the ability to pull robust data and insights about an organization’s fleet of devices and chain of custody.

Innovation Statement

ARC’s intelligent locker system allows users to report device damage when they return the device, preventing non-working devices from going back into circulation for the next user.
We’ve also built predictive software that allows us to proactively put lockers or devices out of service when we detect an issue so that employees only are presented with devices that are charged and fully functional.


ARC improves clients’ ROI by creating a 1:1 relationship between an employee and a device, effectively creating accountability around checked-out devices and reducing device shrink.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactKhalid Alzubi
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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