Summary of Innovation

SYNCHRO is an innovative WMS Plug-in dedicated to high-intensity warehouse logistics (3PL) aimed at improving the efficiency of logistics and warehouse processes. SYNCHRO orchestrates the work of forklift operators and AGVs, thanks to IoT technologies and AI algorithms. SYNCHRO makes it is possible to obtain double-digit savings in costs reducing the distance travelled by each forklift, and the path performed with unloaded forks. SYNCHRO uses real-time context information (position of forklifts, bottlenecks, delays) to improve the warehouse management scheduling functions of traditional WMS systems.
The disruptive SYNCHRO opens the way to a new service model that revolutionizes the relationship between the 3PLs and the technology provider. With the introduction of SYNCHRO it is possible to perform a ROI calculation during the feasibility study and implement a success-based partnership sharing the savings introduced by the solution in a true servitization model.

Innovation Statement

SYNCHRO uses a solid mathematical foundation that leverages AI algorithms by performing multivariate real-time optimizations to minimize the distance performed with unloaded forks, maximize throughput and resources usage, reduce collisions, and meet service’s cut-offs.
The SYNCHRO innovative approach relies on an assisted modelling of the warehouse (aerials infrastructure and radars mounted on the forklifts), AI algorithms for task optimization and a real-time management of context changes and scheduling mismatches.


SYNCHRO can be applied in any traditional high-intensity or semi-automated warehouses using a fleet of Forklifts and AGVs. SYNCHRO delivers a tangible reduction in the distance performed by tens or hundreds of forklifts, operating simultaneously 24/7 achieving 15-25% in cost savings.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactStefano Sarasso
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