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At Sevensense, we build eyes and brains for mobile robots and help AMR manufacturers to build truly smart vehicles. We do so thanks to Alphasense Autonomy: the ultimate 3D Visual Navigation solution for mobile robots, which solves the complex automation challenges robot manufacturers face in the fields of logistics and service robotics and radically reduces their development times and costs. The system combines Visual SLAM positioning with advanced AI technology for path planning, 3D obstacle detection, and obstacle avoidance: these features enable the most reliable, safe, and efficient navigation.
Based on Alphasense Autonomy, we built a plug-and-play Evaluation Kit: a hardware and software bundle that dramatically reduces the time required to integrate 3D Visual Navigation into any wheeled vehicle. The hardware consists of a compact device including 5 factory-calibrated cameras and a computer unit with pre-installed software. Thanks to a web-based interface, the user is guided through a simple step-by-step installation wizard to calibrate, set up the interfaces, and configure and deploy the target AMR. With this, any technical department can now run and test Alphasense Autonomy on their own vehicles. The Evaluation Kit enables all Alphasense Autonomy features for trial: from easily teaching an A-to-B motion layout to performing virtual line following with obstacle avoidance. All this, while delivering the same performance as the series Alphasense Autonomy product in terms of robustness and repeatability. On top of the provided in-depth documentation, the device contains a 4G connectivity module that allows Sevensense to provide immediate support and directly intervene in the unit in use. Together with access to Sevensense’s service desk, this level of support allows customers to confidently perform their technical evaluations in little time.

Innovation Statement

The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit allows mobile robot manufacturers (AGV/AMR OEMs) to test 3D Visual Navigation technology quickly and easily on their own vehicles, with no need for in-depth computer vision and Visual SLAM expertise.
The Evaluation Kit allows for dramatic drops in integration costs and time when integrating Visual SLAM and advanced navigation features in new AMR prototypes to familiarize with the technology.


We observed that many AMR manufacturers considered Alphasense Autonomy as an option to incorporate 3D Visual SLAM capabilities into their offering but integrating, testing, and validating the fit of this navigation technology in their own vehicles and their use cases still required more expertise and time than they were able to invest. The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit offers them an off-the-shelf option to easily and quickly test Alphasense Autonomy and take a generational leap forward.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactVeronica Alonso
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Sevensense Robotics AG.

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