Summary of Innovation

The Vecna CPJ (co-bot pallet jack) is a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind collaborative robot engineered for the short distance “in-between” loads that require heavy worker engagement. This new form of robot is designed to work safely with human workers to optimize end-to-end automated material handling workflows for the entire warehouse to improve existing worker throughput by up to 45%.

The CPJ was built for most workflows that, so far, automation has left behind. With its nimble movement in tight spaces, the CPJ is optimized for replenishment and so-called micro-workflows such as waste/dunnage retrieval, empty pallet, tote/cart consolidation, pick-to-packout, and other similar non-value add tasks.

Some highlight functionalities and features include:
Increases agility to navigate and stage pallets in tight, narrow spaces (less than 6 feet)
Flexible configurations designed to move a variety of pallets, carts, bins, and other payloads up to 3,300 lbs
An intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables easy onboarding and reduced training demands on often limited staff
Manual assignment and autonomous execution that allows users to pivot seamlessly between autonomous and manual control depending on specific needs
24/7 support via Vecna’s Pivotal Command Center, which provides 99.9% uptime and ensures every aspect of operations performs at the highest standard in real-time through analytics and remote-monitoring

Innovation Statement

Vecna Robotics is transforming the logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and warehouse industries with its innovative new CPJ, designed to automate the micro-workflows that automation has left behind. Its comprehensive features increase worker throughput by up to 45% by optimizing such labor-intensive workflows as waste/dunnage retrieval, empty pallet, tote/cart consolidation, pick-to-packout, and other manual tasks in tight spaces.


The Vecna CPJ provides an automation solution to warehouse and manufacturing facilities with tight, labor-intensive workflows that have not been resolved with other solutions. With CPJ, facilities can deploy human-in-the-loop automation fast for in-between workflows and can also free-up workers from boring, laborious, but essential tasks to boost productivity.


Posted Date1/11/23
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