Summary of Innovation

The ModSort® Trident Mobile 3-Way Sorter from Regal Rexnord is a mobile, scalable, approachable and energy efficient conveyance solution ideal for increasing the depth of sortation or splitting the flow of product. The sorter works well with cartons, polybags, flats and jiffy packs, gapping the products while scanning package labels and communicating with the warehouse management system for sort decisions. The ModSort® Trident can divert products to the left or right onto a 30° spur, or pass them straight through depending on application needs.

ModSort® Trident 3-Way Sorter can deliver throughputs up to 3,600 pph at weights up to 50 pounds. The unit is powered by an energy efficient and safe 120V AC power supply, and 24V DC motor driver rollers. The 3-Way Sorter has a four-zone belted MDR infeed, with a dual-divert ModSort® pre-justification zone and triple-divert ModSort® sort zone. A frame mounted HMI operator control panel with improved functionality provides readily available access to essential machine controls as well as new performance tuning improvements for increased throughput capabilities.

Innovation Statement

The ModSort® Trident provides a safer and quieter alternative to pneumatic-powered conveyance systems using low-voltage, rollerball belt technology that enables omnidirectional control of numerous package types, shapes and sizes, at weights up to 50 pounds. ModSort® Trident is a flexible and scalable solution that installs in under a week and accommodates future changes in throughput demands, additionally featuring an updated HMI screen for enhanced functionality and user-friendliness.


The ModSort® Trident is ideal for the first and last 100 feet of conveyance lines, both receiving and outbound flow splitting for a wide range of package types and weights, while offering mobility, scalability, safety/ approachability, and energy efficiency.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactKathleen Callahan
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Regal Rexnord.

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